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Diamond Buyers in Albuquerque with GIA Certified Staff

"National Jewelry Buyers is one of the few specialized gold and diamond buyers in Albuquerque, where your diamonds will be graded and appraised by an expert."--Wallstreet Journal MarketWatch (Press Release 01/24/2012)

As a member of GIA & Rapnet, the world's largest diamond network, we are THE place in Albuquerque to sell your diamonds for TOP DOLLAR.

Bring in your diamond jewelry for a free evaluation and immediate cash offer.  We promise you our best, straightforward offer with no stressful negotiations.

If available, please bring along any paperwork you might have on the diamond (lab certificate, appraisal, etc.).

For the best place to sell your diamond in Albuquerque New Mexico, come visit us at National Jewelry Buyers!

YAHOO! FINANCE- Buying or Selling a Diamond:  National Jewelry Buyers Offers Expert Advice